Cole Trafford: Amateur Gold to Pro Glory

Cole Trafford knew his key to success would be his drive and willingness to advance beyond his peers by any means possible.

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Trafford excelled as a multiple-time freestyle champion competing for the Black Bears Wrestling Club before advancing onto the University of New Brunswick Reds. Trafford was virtually unstoppable in the 57kg weight-class during his tenure with the team; a run which he chose to end as a member of the Reds in 2017. His path to the ring began there:

“I would have stuck with UNB, but why focus on classes when you have the opportunity to become an elite athlete.”

Trafford travelled to Calgary, Alberta in March 2018 to train under Lance Storm. A former wrestler and current producer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) his eponymous Storm Academy is recognized undisputedly as a top professional wrestling school worldwide. Trafford remained with the school until May 2018 when he completed his training and chose to return to Fredericton as a base-of-operations while splitting dates between Atlantic and Western Canada.

“My trainer has over eight-hundred matches at the top level of professional wrestling. That‟s what it takes to succeed in this business. These guys from Atlantic Canada were trained in filthy backyards by chumps who were lucky just to be there”.

Trafford refers to “Wildman” Gary Williams; the most highly regarded trainer in the Atlantic Canadian wrestling scene. Williams appeared briefly with WWE and competitor World Championship Wrestling between 1999 and 2002.

“I could take a puppet like Gary down with a single-leg in five seconds tops. I‟m here to make sure Cole Trafford is a name people remember.”

A tall order, Trafford doesn‟t intend on making his rise to the top alone. Since his debut in September 2018 he‟s managed to align himself with two other Storm Academy graduates who share similar mindsets; Nick Strong and Charlie Hubley.

“We were brought in by the best, and as a team we aren‟t going to settle until every last „backyard warrior‟ goes back into the cheap seats where they belong. It helps that we‟re a perfect pairing.”

Trafford calls himself the skill; referring to Hubley as the allure and Strong as the groups unequaled muscle.
“The way I see it, there‟s always been three places on a podium. Just look at me, you know I‟m for the top, but there‟s plenty of room left on either side for Nick and Charlie.”

The former Team Canada member now sets his sights on gold and glory, Cole Trafford makes his Pro Wrestling Unleashed debut March 20th, 2020 at the Mount Uniacke Fire Hall. Get Tickets Here

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